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Details of Specialty Classes and Timetable Summary is below.  Apart from the Balance Yoga Beginner's courses, there is no need to pre-book to attend a class.  Focus & Be studio is spacious and we will always make room for you. 


We have events and workshops throughout the year so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page and add our links to your calender. 

Speciality Workshops, Retreats & Camps

Have you always wished you were able to do the splits (Hanumanasana and Samakonasana)?

Apart being a great measure of flexibility (and an awesome dance move :) ), working towards the splits brings many benefits, including toned and strengthened muscles of the legs and abdomen and improved hip flexor and hamstring range of movement.

Join Nat and Tania for a fun 2 hour workshop where we will look at where you are at, relative to your splits goal. Then you'll learn about your anatomy to understand where to focus your stretching to reach your goal.

You'll then learn how to progress your splits practice and to safely overload to improve muscle adaptation as well as improve soft tissue strength and resiliency.

Finally you will learn to relax in the splits and enjoy some Vinyasa flows and deep holds.

All levels and ages welcome!

Limited number places are available at the early bird price $35.

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