Chen Pan Ling T'ai Chi

Focus and Be energised as you reduce your stress levels through 'meditation in motion'.  The Chen Pan-Ling style of T’ai Chi taught in Focus & Be is ideal for the returning martial artist who wants to continue to learn and develop their fighting technique beyond the more physical and hard training of karate (ie without the 100's of pushups and kicks!).

T'ai Chi will improve your coordination, strengthen the supporting muscles that stabilise your body during movement and increase your ‘Chi’ (life force). 

You will learn unarmed and armed fighting methods in: 


 The Centre is fortunate to have instructors who have a direct lineage to the founder of this unique style of T’ai Chi.


Our Tai Chi and Chinese Internal Arts Teacher, Shifu (Master Instructor) Dan Djurdjevic, has regularly made trips to train with Chen Yun-Ching, son of the legendary Chen Pan-Ling, since 2005 and in January 2009 he was given the rare honour of becoming his "baishi" or "inner circle student" in an elaborate ceremony held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.