Happy. Confident. Strong. Flexible. Fit.


Focus & Be is the home of Balance Yoga, the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts, Chen Pan-Ling T’ai Chi Association

Whether you’re a seasoned martial artist or yoga buff or just starting out, you’re welcome here to explore your practice and to Focus & Be the person you want to be.

Balance yoga

Focus & Be Calm. 


Practice the discipline of traditional hatha yoga focusing on your self through physical postures called "asanas," breathing exercises "pranayama," and meditation.

traditional fighting arts

Focus & Be Confident. 


Acquire skills in self-defence, weapons and un-armed combat.   Your fitness and strength will build through a great workout too.  More details here.

chen pan-ling t'ai chi

Focus & Be Energised. 


The Chen Pan-Ling style of T’ai Chi taught is smooth, and controlled.  Improve your coordination, strengthen and increase your ‘Chi’ (life force).